Seed paper – Plant me. Watch me grow!

As a green initiative, Solo Group can now offer printing on Seed paper.

What is Seed Paper?
Growing paper, also called seed paper, is a fantastic type of paper that consists of 2 thin layers with seeds in between. The seed paper can be composed of different types of seeds. The unique thing about personalised seed paper is that when the product is no longer required, it can be planted and then flourish into beautiful plants. The seeded paper therefore gives a lasting impression on the recipient and is completely biodegradable.

Personalised seed paper
Do you want to convey a message in an original, sustainable and green way? Then these plantable cards and paper products are a real attention grabber! Personalised seed paper stands out among standard paper types. Printed seed paper with your own design creates a growing and flourishing expression with a high attention value.

We can print your designs on our seed papers and board in any shape and any size, postcards, business cards, bookmarks etc, the choice is endless. Think of the shape of a product, company logo or work area with seeds of your choice. In short, the possibilities this plantable paper can be integrated into marketing and communication purposes are endless.

How does Seeded Paper work?
This plantable card and paper is made from 100% recycled cotton and is embedded with seeds. Soak this card in water for 24 hours, then cover with a thin layer of well composted soil. Plant inside in Spring or Summer in a warm, light place or directly outside when the soil is ready and keep the card moist until seeds have germinated.

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